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Do you love vintage jewellery, but can’t find an original antique? Or perhaps you’ve inherited a beautiful heirloom piece, but it’s broken, worn out or no longer wearable, locked away in a safe or a drawer?

Beautiful Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Classic Modern pieces can be skilfully restored or reworked to incorporate your existing diamonds and gems or completely reproduced as in the original period with newly sourced jewels.

Alan Weiss will recreate a classic design with the utmost aptitude and style accuracy, ensuring the piece remains true to its heritage.


How does it work?

Please click here to provide details of the antique piece you have in mind. Upload any photos you might have or links for inspiration.


You’ll then meet with Alan either in person at his workshop or via Zoom to discuss the style, design, materials, finishes and embellishments.


After this initial consultation, you’ll be provided with several stone options to choose from (if required), and a custom quote will be provided.


Your bespoke piece will go into production. Alan Weiss and his team will rework, restore or reproduce your antique piece.



To discuss your requirements, book your consultation with Alan.


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