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Do you love vintage jewellery, but can’t find an original antique? Or perhaps you’ve inherited a beautiful heirloom piece, but it’s broken, worn out or no longer wearable, locked away in a safe or a drawer?

Beautiful Art Deco, Art Nouveau and Classic Modern pieces can be skilfully restored or reworked to incorporate your existing diamonds and gems or completely reproduced as in the original period with newly sourced jewels.

Alan Weiss will recreate a classic design with the utmost aptitude and style accuracy, ensuring the piece remains true to its heritage.


How does it work?

Please click here to provide details of the antique piece you have in mind. Upload any photos you might have or links for inspiration.


You’ll then meet with Alan either in person at his workshop or via Zoom to discuss the style, design, materials, finishes and embellishments.


After this initial consultation, you’ll be provided with several stone options to choose from (if required), and a custom quote will be provided.


Your bespoke piece will go into production. Alan Weiss and his team will rework, restore or reproduce your antique piece.


Antique Jewelry Reproductions

Do you yearn to own something truly unique, an enchanting piece that tells its own tales from decades past? Welcome to Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery, where every piece of our Antique Jewelry Reproduction not only embellishes your present but also revives the splendid traditions of yesteryear.

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Vintage Reproduction Jewelry

In today's world, where everyone seems to be chasing the latest trends, how wonderful would it be to stand out with elegance that has stood the test of time? Alan Weiss offers you this unique opportunity with our meticulously crafted Vintage Reproduction Jewelry. Each piece is a nod to historical artistry, designed to give you a blend of classic beauty and contemporary grace.

The Allure of Timeless Designs

Our collection showcases various styles from different historical periods. From the intricate filigree of the Edwardian period to the geometric boldness of Art Deco, our Antique Reproduction Rings are more than just accessories; they are historical artefacts recreated for the modern connoisseur. These pieces allow you to express a unique sense of style that is deeply rooted in history yet perfect for contemporary fashion.

Own a Piece of History

Why choose an ordinary accessory when you can wear a story? Each piece in our collection of Historic Jewellery Reproduction offers a distinct narrative, a slice of history that enhances its charm and appeal. Imagine the conversations that will spark when you reveal that your stunning ring is modeled on a design from over a century ago!

Distinctive Features of Our Jewelry

Craftsmanship Meets Heritage

At Alan Weiss, our craftsmanship bridges antique charm and modern reliability. We employ both traditional techniques and modern technology to ensure every piece is visually captivating and structurally superior.

Exclusivity Is Standard

Nothing about our jewellery is mass-produced. Since each is created as a unique piece of art, no two are exactly same. This level of exclusivity is rare and valued, especially in an era of mass production.

Authenticity and Quality

Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery, we are deeply committed to the authenticity of every piece in our Antique Jewelry Reproductions collection. Each item is more than just inspired by historical designs—it's a faithful representation that honours and celebrates the original craftsmanship. We meticulously recreate the intricate details and exquisite artistry of past eras, ensuring that each piece looks authentic and embodies the spirit of its time.

Customisation: A Personal Touch

Your personal style and preference matter to us. Whether it's a bespoke Engagement Ring or a custom Men’s Ceremonial Ring, we ensure every detail reflects your individuality and taste.

Why Invest in Antique Reproductions?

Durability with a Dash of Elegance

Not only is the style of our jewellery timeless, but it is also built to last. Unlike genuine antique pieces that may require delicate handling, our reproductions promise the same aesthetic without the fragility.

Sustainable Luxury

Choosing our Vintage Reproduction Jewelry means opting for sustainable luxury. By reproducing designs from the past, we reduce the need for new mining and utilise resources more responsibly.

A Touch of Romance

Wearing our jewellery is like carrying a piece of romantic history with you. Every design exudes the allure and charm of the bygone age, providing you with more than simply a lovely piece of jewellery—it's a symbol of love and memories.

Step Into a Legacy of Elegance

Imagine stepping into a grand ball or a sophisticated gathering adorned with a piece that instantly sets you apart as a fine, timeless jewellery connoisseur. That is the power of owning a piece from Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery.

Make Every Occasion Memorable

At Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery, every piece we craft is designed to make any occasion truly unforgettable. Whether celebrating a wedding, marking an anniversary, or selecting a special gift, our Historic Jewellery Reproduction ensures that each moment is remembered and cherished deeply. Our jewelry is not merely worn; it is experienced. It transcends ordinary adornment, becoming integral to life's most cherished moments. Each piece's classic style and historical significance provide your celebrations a deeper, more poignant quality that will leave a lasting impression.

A Commitment to Timeless Beauty

At Alan Weiss, our commitment goes beyond selling jewelry. We are dedicated to reviving and preserving the elegance of past eras for those who appreciate the beauty and history of these designs.

Invest in Timeless Elegance

Are you ready to invest in more than just jewelry? Are you ready to own a piece of history, to wear art, and to embody elegance that transcends the ordinary? Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery invites you to explore our exquisite collections and choose your own timeless masterpiece.

Step Into Our World

Embark on a journey of discovery with Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery and immerse yourself in the luxury of timeless elegance. Our collections, including Antique Reproduction Rings and Vintage Reproduction Jewelry, offer more than mere adornments; they connect you to the rich tapestry of history through exquisite design and meticulous craftsmanship. Visit us today and let our experts help you to find the perfect piece that not only complements your personal style but also embodies a legacy of art and history. Whether you are drawn to the intricate designs of our rings or the classic allure of our vintage pieces, it's time to own something truly legendary. Step into our world and let history adorn you beautifully.

For more information on our collections and services, please explore our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). It's a great resource to help you learn more about what makes our pieces truly unique and how we can assist you in choosing the perfect jewelry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets your Antique Jewelry Reproductions apart from genuine antique pieces?

Our Antique Jewelry Reproductions blend historical charm with contemporary resilience. While they mirror the intricate designs of true antiques, they benefit from modern crafting techniques and materials, enhancing both their durability and accessibility. Each reproduction is carefully crafted to preserve the essence and aesthetic of its historical counterparts, offering you the beauty of antique designs with the practicality of modern jewelry.

Is it possible to customise Antique Reproduction Rings at Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery?

Yes, indeed! At Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery, we take great pride in our ability to tailor Antique Reproduction Rings to your personal tastes. Our design staff works directly with you to incorporate your preferences for materials, design features, and overall aesthetics, ensuring that your customised ring reflects your unique style while maintaining the authenticity of its historical inspiration.

What are the best practices for maintaining Vintage Reproduction Jewelry?

To keep your Vintage Reproduction Jewelry pristine, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals and extreme environmental conditions. Store your cherished pieces in a soft, lined jewelry box away from sunlight and moisture. Regular cleaning with a gentle, dry cloth will help maintain the lustre and prevent tarnish, ensuring your jewellery remains a timeless treasure.

What kind of guarantee do you offer on Historic Jewellery Reproduction items?

Our Historic Jewellery Reproduction pieces come with a comprehensive guarantee that covers any defects in craftsmanship or materials for a specified period. We pledge to provide outstanding quality and guarantee your total pleasure so you can feel secure knowing your investment is valued and well-protected.

How long does creating and delivering a custom piece from Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery typically take?

Creating a custom piece at Alan Weiss Fine Jewellery typically takes about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the availability of specific materials. We value clear communication and will keep you updated every step of the way, from the initial design discussion to the final delivery. We make sure that the final product meets and exceeds your expectations, making the wait worthwhile with a piece that’s uniquely yours.

To discuss your requirements, book your consultation with Alan.


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