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The clarity of a diamond refers to how pure or clear a diamond is and considers any internal flaws and external imperfections. This can range from scratches or nicks on the surface, known as blemishes or natural defects such as clouding and pinpoints within the stone, known as inclusions. Diamonds with the least number of defects will be considered higher value.

Clarity grading is dependent on the number, position, nature, size and colour of inclusions and these factors are considered at 1 Ox magnification.
FL-IF - Flawless
These diamonds are extremely rare and valuable and are considered flawless with no flaws internally or externally visible to the naked eye.
VVS1 VVS2 - Very, very slight inclusions
These diamonds have barely any inclusions and these are very difficult to see under 1 Ox magnification.
VS1 - VS2 - Very slight inclusions
Diamonds in this grade have tiny inclusions that typically are difficult to see under 1 Ox magnification. Known as "eye-clean" this grade of diamond is extremely popular because any inclusions can't be seen to the naked eye.
SI1- SI12 - Slight inclusions
These diamonds have a greater number of slight inclusions internally and externally that are likely to be visible to the naked eye, and easily found under magnification.

When choosing your diamond, it's important to consider that inclusions are formed naturally, and can be seen as a unique feature, not as a flaw, in your diamond.